Gift For Furious Parents

It’s the most wonderful time of the year (beside the Super Bowl) and it’s time to figure out exactly what you should gift your parents this season.  We’re here to help.


So what do you really get the people who raised you (or at least tried to)?  And what do you really get your parents who already have everything?  Great question.  I mean, we’re at a loss, but we’ve rounded up some really fun and unique ideas that any parent would want and will possibly even share with you (or just borrow it behind their back).  Some of these killer gift ideas are perfect options for parents who want to do things together (really?) while others are perfect for the parent who wants to go it alone and have a little “me” time to themselves.  Whether they’re younger parents, older folk, working, or retired, shop our picks for some of the best Christmas gifts for parents (so far) this year.

The Musical Parents Gift:  Bose Revolve Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker – Buy It Here

Christmas Gifts for Parents 2017: Bose Revolve Portable Speaker 2018

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Because they’re going to love bring the party with them! Bose is perhaps one of the best sounding speaker brands on the market and this little portable guy sounds amazing, is wireless, bluetooth enabled, and water resistant.  Bring it to the beach, the pool, the shower, you name it.

The Parents Who Sleep In:  Parachute ‘Percale Venice’ Comfy Sheet Set – Buy It Here

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Because they deserve to sleep in and be uber-comfortable at the same time.  These sheet sets come in a variety of cool colors like slate blue, grey, white, light blue and more. See more of the best reviewed sheets (so far) this year!

For the Baking Parents:  SMEG ‘Retro’ Pastel Blue Stand Mixer – Buy It Here

Christmas Gifts for Parents 2017: Smeg Retro Stand Mixer in Pastel Blue 2018

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Because you know they’re going to bake, so might as well do it in style.  These SMEG stand-mixers are retro in looks, but up-to-date when it comes to technology.  Plus, they also come in other cool colors like pastel pink, mint green, black, red, and more.

The Snuggly Parents:  Barefoot Dreams ‘Cozy Chic’ Ribbed Throw Blanket in Charcoal Grey – Buy It Here

Christmas Gifts for Parents 2017: Barefoot Dreams Throw Blanket 2018

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Because, yes, they still cuddle together (when you’re not around) and this throw blanket is cozy AF.

The Stay-in-Touch Parents:  The New Amazon Echo Show (2nd Generation) – Buy It Here

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The latest from Amazon (genuflect).  Introducing the second generation “Echo Show.”  It has all the magic of the regular echo, but this one “shows” you things instead of just robotically telling you.  A “must-have” this season. It’s way more advanced than the original, not only because it has a crystal clear 10-inch HD screen, but also because it has killer premium Dolby sound! Because they want to see you when they talk to you and they’ll get a kick out of seeing what Alexa has to say.  It’ll make them feel like The Jetsons.  This one also comes in a cool white color option too.  See color options here!

The Grateful Parents:  Oprah’s ‘The Wisdom of Sundays: Life Changing Insights’ – Buy It Here

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The perfect gift for anyone who needs a little “pick-me-up” from time to time.  It provides short nuggets of insight and inspiration from Oprah and her friends on Super Soul Sunday. Every time they read a passage, they’ll think of you!

The Supportive Parents Gift:  Hers-and-His Inspired T-Shirts:

Mom’s are Magical (Unicorn)  – Buy It Here

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The Papa Bear Tee for Dad – Buy It Here

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It’s a t-shirt for both of them.  The first is for mom and says “Moms are Magical” with a super cute unicorn on it.  It comes in a bunch of color options too like pink, grey, light blue and more.  There’s also the t-shirt for dad that says “Papa Bear” in it with a cool bear.  This one comes in a bunch of colors too.  Get one for each of them!

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The Classy Parents Gift:  Waterford Crystal Flowering Vase – Buy It Here

Christmas Gifts for Parents 2017: Waterford Crystal Vase 2018

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Because, yes, you should still be sending your parent flowers and when you do they should display them in this kick-ass crystal lead bud vase.  #YouFancy

The Coffee Loving Parents:  ‘Good Morning’ Ceramic Coffee Mugs – Buy It Here

Christmas Gifts for Parents 2017: Funny Coffee Mugs

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Because it’s really coffee that’s keeping them together (or at least keeping them from killing each other).

The Safety-First Folks:  The Blink XT Home Security Camera in Black – Buy It Here
Parents Gifts 2018: New Blink XT Wireless security camera
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Outside of keeping their home safe, this is also the perfect gift for those busy-bodies in the neighborhood (like your parents) who just want to know what’s going on outside at all times.  It’s weatherproof, has 2-year battery life and cloud storage, plus is has motion detection which you can hook up to your phone or tablet to get an alert when something sets it off.  They’ll feel better having it and, to be honest, you’ll feel better knowing they’re safe and that no one is stealing their deliveries off their front porch!

The Nostalgic Parents:  Kate Spade ‘Glittery’ Picture Frame – Buy It Here

Christmas Gifts for Parents 2017: Kate Spade Glitter Picture Frame 2018

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Because they still have your high school graduation picture displayed in the living so you might as well have them at least update the frame since you won’t be getting your picture professionally taken any time soon.

Michelle Obama’s New Book ‘Becoming’ – Pre-Order Here

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This is the book that everyone is going to be talking about this upcoming holiday season.  It’s an inspiring memoir, a great look at her upbringing, behind the scenes of the road to the White House (and inside the White House) and so much more.  They’ll love reading this one cover-to-cover regardless of their political beliefs.

The Chef-Like Parents:  Hello Fresh Food Subscription Box – Buy It Here

HelloFresh Gift for Her 2018 - 2019

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Because parents who cook together, stay together.  We think.  Either way, why not gift them food once, twice, or three times a week where all the ingredients show up to their door and all they have to do is follow the simple recipe and enjoy!

The Matching Relaxing ‘Rents:  The Most Comfy Bathrobes Ever – Buy It Here

Bathrobe Gifts for Parents from Parachute 2018 - 2019

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For real, this is one of the most comfortable bathrobes we’ve ever had the privilege of wearing.  It’s from that company, Parachute, that everyone has been buzzing about all year.  Their bathrobes are super plush and have a really comfortable shawl collar.  Now you can get them matching robes of the same color of choose a color specific to their personality.  Our favorite is this one in ‘mineral’ but it also comes in stone grey and classic white too.  Check out the color options here.

The Drinking Parents:  His & Hers ‘Two of a Kind’ Drinking Glasses – Buy It Here

Christmas Gifts for Parents 2017: His and Hers Drinking Glasses

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And parents who drink together, stay together.  This we know for sure.  These ‘his and hers’ glasses are perfect for a little after dinner drink, late night cocktail or just for water (boring).  Plus they’ll never have to fight over who’s drinking out of their glass.

 The Tech-Obsessed Parents:  All New Echo Spot – Buy It Here

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The latest from Amazon!  We love how this handsfree device can fit pretty much anywhere in your home. Use 2nd generation far-field voice recognition to watch video flash briefings, see music lyrics, weather forecasts, recipes, to-do, shopping lists, face-to-face calls, and a ton more!

The Nostalgic Gift:  An Actual Live Charlie Brown Christmas Tree by Costa Farms (via Amazon) – Buy It Here

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We’re dying over this one!  Now they can have their very own Charlie Brown Christmas tree and, yes, it’s actually live!  This one comes with ornaments and a gift tag.  It starts out super small (anywhere between 10-14-inches) and can grow up to 6-feet if they wanted it too!  It’s a gift they’ll remember for years to come!

The Lazy Clean Freaks:  The Roomba 675 Robot Vacuum – Buy It Here

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Well they certainly don’t want to spend their time having to vacuum all those empty rooms in their house (ever since you left!).  This magical robot vac can go for 90 minutes without needing to be charged again, grab the smallest of dirt particles (hello dust) and larger stuff (hello dropped cereal) and everything in between.  Plus, it works on both hardwood floors and carpeting. They can even connect it to their WiFi and use it via their smartphone app.  Sold!

The Binge Watchers:  Amazon’s Fire TV Stick Streaming Media Player – Buy It Here
Amazon Fire Stick TV: Gift Ideas for Parents 2018 - 2019
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Now they can binge-watch all the shows they’re obsessing over.  This one now has Alexa voice remote and over 10,000 channels, 500,000 movies and more!

The Parents Who Cook Together:  Ninja Intelli-Sense Kitchen System with Auto-Spiralizer – Buy It Here

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They’ll love that they’ll be able to use this one machine to crush ice, make frozen drinks or shakes, ice cream, snow cones, soups, purees, dough, juices and also acts as a spiralizer so you can make fruit and vegetables into noodles.  Noodles!!  Obsessed.

The Parents Who are Always Misplacing Things:  The Tile Key & Phone Finder – Buy It Here

Best New Tech Gifts 2017: Tile Keys Finder 2018

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Waterproof and durable these (set of 2) tiles allow you to easily find your keys, your smartphone, or anything that you attach it to.  You can even see it on a map where and when you left your prized belongings behind!  It’s a real marriage saver since it’ll cut down on the fights over where the phone or remote control is.

The Parents Who Love Fresh Flowers:  12 Months of Flowers  – Buy It Here

Hot Christmas Gift for Wife 2017: Flowers Every Month 2018

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Get them up to 12-months of flowers delivered to them each and every month.  It’ll put a smile on their face whenever they get delivered and, plus, you’ll totally lock in that you’re their favorite child.

The Lane & Mae ‘Chunky’ Merino Wool Throw Blanket in Grey – Buy It Here

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Now this is the kind of blanket you can wrap yourself up in and nap the entire weekend away!  It’s made from 100% merino wool, is super chunky and snuggly, and comes in a variety of really nice colors like blue, light pink, light brown, silver grey, and a bright morning blue.  See more colors here!

The Parents Who Love History:  23andMe ‘Ancestry’ DNA Kit – Buy It Here

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We’re digging this at-home DNA kit.  You basically take a swab of the inside of your mouth, send it back to the company, and in 6 to 8 weeks they’ll let you know exactly where you came from and could even possibly get you in touch with other relatives too.  Discover the breakdown of your heritage (are you 40% Italian, 20% Irish and 40% Scottish?)  You can even discover if any of your DNA dates back to Neanderthals.  Imagine?!

The Cooking Parents (Who Don’t Have Time):  The Instant Pot Duo Plus – Buy It Here

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Because they’ll be able to cook just about anything they want all in one pot.  It’s a real miracle if you ask us.  Simply cook soups, stews, chili, cake, eggs, sauté, use it as a slow cooker, rice cooker, yogurt maker, pressure cooker, steamer, and so much more!  It’s one of the best selling kitchen appliances of last year and this year, especially when it was Prime Day.  You can’t go wrong!

The Fragrant Folks:  Scentbird Perfume & Cologne Monthly Subscription – Buy It Here

2018 Scentbird Review - Is Scent Bird Worth It Monthly Cologne Perfume Subscription 2019

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How about some monthly subscription boxes they’ll both love getting each and every month.  With Scentbird you can get a new cologne or perfume delivered each month so you can try it out and see what scent you actually like.  There are hundreds to choose from and the best part is that you’ll get enough of the fragrance each month to give you about 2-3 sprays per day for 30-days.  These aren’t tiny samples!  Learn more here (they’ll sure love it).

The Drinking Parents:  LSA International Shot Serving Set – Buy It Here

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Who doesn’t love shots!  I mean, if they’re trying to class it up this is the way to go.  Their dinner parties just became a whole lot more fun.  The oak paddle makes it perfect to carry and present their guests with their must-have shots.

The Tech Savvy Parents:  Nest ‘Smart Learning’ Thermostat – Buy It Here

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They’ll save money on their heating and air-conditioning bills thanks to this 3rd generation smart thermostat from Nest.  It’ll learn their living patterns and adjust accordingly. Plus, they can download the app and change the temperature from the comfort of their couch without ever having to get up.  Or, if they’re really tech savvy, they can hook this up to Amazon Alexa and basically just shout commands at her until they get the desired temperature of their choice.

The Indoor Gardeners:  The AeroGarden Harvest Elite 360 Home Garden – Buy It Here

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Now they can grow their garden all year round right in the comfort of their own home! They can grow herbs, vegetables, flowers, and more.  Plus, you can grow up to 6 plants all at the same time.  Oh, and did we mention it’ll tell you when it needs water or nutrients?  How easy, delicious, and just plain old awesome!

The Smiley Parents:  Philips Sonicare DiamondClean Smart Electric Toothbrush – Buy It Here

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This Mercedes of toothbrushes removes up to 10x more plaque and improves gum health up to 7x in just 2 weeks and removes up to 100% more stains in just 3 days!  Plus, you can recharge this and choose from various cleaning modes like: Clean, Whiten, Deep Clean, Gum Health, and Tongue Health!

The New Fire TV Recast DVR – Buy It Here

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This is the latest and newest from Amazon that’s going to take over all of our lives!  Introducing the Fire TV Recast (DVR).  We love it because it lets us watch and record our favorite TV shows (including regular HD channels like NBC, ABC, and the rest!) either at home while you’re there or when you’re out an about (via your smart devices/phones).  The best part?  No monthly fees! Plus, you can even watch your recorded shows when you’re out via your devices.  Seriously, how cool is that?! It’s time to binge watch on your own time and from anywhere.  Learn more here!

The Clean Parents:  Dyson Pure Hot Cool Air Purifier in White – Buy It Here

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This Wi-Fi enabled smart air purifier is the bomb.  Not only does it do what it’s supposed to do (purify the air), it also acts as a cooling fan in the summer and a heater in the winter.  Say goodbye to dust, pollen and other pesky allergens!  This Dyson (that works with Alexa) has been “Certified Asthma and Allergy Friendly” and awarded the Quietmark accreditation.  Perfect!


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